Subject :Compassioate Ground appointment

News Dated: 2014-08-08

To all Comrades

Compassionate ground scheme on the lines of Cent.Govt. Scheme approved w....

Subject :Com. Buran Murmu Amar Rahe

News Dated: 2014-08-07

To all Comrades,

It is a matter of deep regret that Com. Buran Murmu, one of the dedicat....

Subject :Compulsory working on Sundays and Holidays

News Dated: 2014-07-19

Letter addressed to CGM
We are fully aware, Sir, that our beloved institution is at the cross ro....



Welcome to the website of United Bank of India Officer Employees’ Association

It is really a matter of great joy and pride that UBIOEA central council has launched its own website named “” w.e.f 01.06.2012. The website is broadly classified into six groups namely a) Home 2)About us 3)Committee 4)Constitution 5)Wages & DA 6) Feedback. It also contains several links like a) Circulars/Letters b) Committee members c) Album d) Holiday home e) Membership/Welfare fund f) Achievement. It also provides scope to the members to express their views/observations in the ”FEEDBACK” LINK. Separate e-mail ID has been created for every Regional Secretary to have access to the website.

The purpose of the website is to enlighten the members about recent development of our association and AIBOA, our parent body, very fast so that they can always keep them updated and avoid wastage of time for receipt of hard copies. The purpose of the website will be served if the members make it habit to visit our website on a regular basis and download the pertinent information for wide circulation of the same among the members.

Any suggestion to improve the website will be highly appreciated.